trachea [trā′kē ə; ] chiefly Brit [ trə kē′ə]
pl. tracheae [trā′kēē΄] or tracheas [ME trache < ML trachea < LL trachia, windpipe < Gr tracheia (arteria), rough (windpipe) < trachys, rough, akin to thrassein, to confuse < IE base * dher-, dark residue, dirt > DREGS]
1. in the respiratory tract of most land vertebrates, the tube extending from the larynx to the two bronchi; windpipe: see LUNG
2. in the respiratory system of insects and certain other invertebrates, any of the tubules branching throughout the body and conducting air from the exterior
3. Bot. VESSEL (sense 4b)

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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